Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strangers Groping At The Movie Theater Men: Do You Like Gay Clubs? Does All The Groping From Strangers Bother You?

Men: Do you like gay clubs? Does all the groping from strangers bother you? - strangers groping at the movie theater

The environment for men is VERY sexually charged, and there is a predominance of "anything goes" and "everything is at stake" mentality with regard to touch other people, even in darkness. Agencies respect for others and it does not seem to exist ...

This results from a large number of homosexual and heterosexual people who went there and personal experience. Many bad things to go! I wonder what you think.

If you love because it's so easy to find people with the random hooking-up?
Just curious, because I heard clubs defend heterosexual women heterosexual men say they are "homophobic" Do not go for, but my experience and the experience of others has shown that not really the best choice for gay or heterosexual men who do not want to be touched and felt everyone in the club.

What are your views?

(I hope this is not insulting. I do not either.)


Paul said...

I agree with you. Men are treated as objects rather than people in the gay clubs. No respect for personal space to the dignity of the other as a person or family if they are there with a boyfriend or girlfriend. I hate the scene, and I stopped going when I was 20.
You have quite a lot of bad things: I have been harassed, imprisoned, and the bathroom was smashed against a wall of a bathroom, and a man approached and tried to m 'kisses after pulling my pants out of the hands of the club.

I've never not go to my friends as a homophobic right man. I do not recommend leaving. It would not be a true friend is someone who looks after the interests of their friends. "

Lopez123... said...

Well, maybe just accept homosexuals NED fellows that there are people, gays, and they are normal people who have a sexual preference as an ND to have me. So this may very a bit much for a human right but is a little bit. I mean, I'm a man of the law and went to a gay club because my girlfriendtold and I had a good time and I thought that a nanny

MVD34 said...


Heterosexual men in a gay club - That's A Riot!

No, straight men outside a gay club and I think there must be a gay man was too close to think of a ladder, homophobic, if you go there or want to feel uncomfortable.

One of my friends have just not interested in a gay club (with my friends, even his wife) expressed ... His conclusion was that it was "rare, this is not a bad thing ..." Staight And these are children), dance (sometimes with each other and with me when they are drunk.

Anonymous said...

Once I was an occasional visitor, some of our local clubs a few years ago ... I came to know that you probably touched / stroked on the dance floor and when I want, that can happen, I was on the floor. such behavior was rarely anywhere (except the toilet ...) and in the clubs.

I saw that heterosexual couples and, while on earth, most people watch very gay, not met the right guy. one or two fights may break out, which come in every line of the dance club.

I've never been someone in the clubs, although some of my friends, and they were very good in the rule that later ...

We hope that this helps!

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